Anonymous asked:

why is it okay for a black person to call another black person a nigger but when a white person does it, it's racist?

revolutionary-afrolatino answered:

why is it that when white people invaded North America and killed millions of Native Americans they were called “settlers” but when Black and Brown people cross the border they’re called “illegals”?

why is it that when white people kidnapped sold and enslaved millions Black people it was called a “trade”, but when Black and Brown people steal products it’s called “robbery”?


Okay now hold the hell up. White people did not kidnap blacks from Africa. They bought them from the Africans. Africans already enslaved each other white people just made it a business. Yes white people did shit but every goddamn society did shit to each other all throughout history. Every civilization has enslaved another at some point. Stop trying to make white people look like the devil when it’s all of humanity who is.

You clearly dont get the point of this post because you response is beyond ignorant 

I don’t understand why Lil Za and Lil Twist are still friends with Justin Bieber. Instead of him taking responsibility for his actions, he would rather let the media blame the two black rapper guys like he’s a 5 year old, like he doesn’t have a manager, like her doesn’t have a mom and dad, like millions of little boys and girls don’t look up to him. That’s doesn’t sound like a true friend to me, that sounds like an enemy. Obviously I wasn’t there when any of this happened and I don’t wish bad on others but I wouldn’t feel bad for him if he went to jail. He needs to grow up and people need to stop defending him and coddling him. If someone threw eggs at your house I don’t think you would defend them. While race has nothing to do with the crime itself, it has everything to do with how he will be perceived by the media. You really think they would make the amount of excuses for his black friends that would make for him? You think they would ever call his two back friends “teens” and “they’re just kids” like they do to Justin. 

If you’re not Asian, it doesn’t matter what your opinion is on that episode of How I met your mother, you don’t have the right to police them on how they should feel and think, simple as that. They’re not being whiners or complainers, you’re just being ignorant. I’m not Asian and I don’t speak for anyone that is Asian and I haven’t watched that episode, I never watched that show but I saw too many comments on a article I read about that saying they’re taking it too seriously. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but when you don’t value what a race has to say and dismiss it, then you’re being ignorant. 


I will probably lose followers for this and probably get a lot of hate, but I am so motherfucking pissed off right now!!!


You know what would be pretty fucking spiffy? Ya wanna know? 

If stupid ass people would stop grouping every “privileged" white person in the same fucking group! 

Just because some little teeny bopper white girl decided it would be funny and amusing to create a tag of racial slurs doesn’t mean we all find it amusing and funny! I am sick and fucking tired of POC grouping all of us white people, calling us stupid crackers…motherfucker, you sit there and get pissed when a little girl makes a racial slur that you call each other (friendly or not) all the fucking time! I don’t care if your race is trying to take the slur back or not, you don’t see many Native Americans trying to reclaim the slur Injun or any of the many racial slurs they have been called. 

How fucking grown are your stupid asses, to sit there and make Vine after Vine with that fucking word all over the dame place, making it look and sound completely acceptable to everyone then get pissed when it’s used by someone who’s white?? I hate that fucking word and I bitch at anyone who uses it in my damn vicinity, you know why? BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU SOUND FUCKING STUPID FOR USING IT. 

So don’t go sitting there in front of your tiny computer screen telling me that I’m a fucking racist cracker for what someone else who happens to be white is saying. You don’t want to be racially profiled and neither to do I, so grow the fuck up.  

You would rather make this post than to call out people who are being racist. Its easy to see who side you’re on. People are not grouping the entire white race. So instead of getting angry at p.o.c for calling out people’s racist remarks you should be getting angry at people on tumblr for being racist. I don’t think anyone should group an entire race but you’re missing the entire reason why people are angry and upset of what she did.


can everyone please SHUT THE FUCK UP about Mindy’s ELLE cover, like she LOVES IT AND HAS NO PROBLEM WITH IT AND IT MAKES HER FEEL GOOD ABOUT HERSELF. The woman has an entire show centered around the fact that she is self-conscious, HM??? AND I really doubt that ELLE Magazine, one that celebrates women of all shapes, colors, and sizes, would purposefully be racist???


S H U T  U P

She has been on plenty of magazine covers where she is in color and/or full-figured, it is called AESTHETICS:











This was an ignorant post. Why you don’t you stop telling people of color how they should feel. They have every right to be outraged

Macklemore - Same Love


I reallly don’t understand your contempt for Macklemore.

What about Same Love was a lie exactly?

Is it the fact that it was coming from a white man that got yall angry?

Is it the fact that it came from a straight man that got yall angry?

HipHop IS blatantly anti-gay (And before you go ranting about the “LGBT HipHop Movement. How many of them have made it to the mainstream? But Frank Ocean who waited until AFTER he got fame to say something *crickets*) mainly because it is blatantly sexist and it lives in a foolish box of thinking gay men are feminine. 

And yes; preachers who preach hate from the pulpit aren’t anointed.

Yall mad because supposedly his “white privilege” got him that shine…. Who else in the MAINSTREAM has tried to put out a song like that? I will WAIT. 

Sooooo explain to me why a true message upsets you? Is it because it comes in a package you don’t like?

Sooo if $3000000 comes to you from a person who hated you in High School; you wouldn’t take it because of the package it came in?

 all really that upset?

Yall feel some type of way about white rappers for real huh?

People gotta fit that box in your mind huh?

You don’t want to racially be put in a box but you want other people in a box. Oh.

The same people who hate Macklemore blast Rick Ross.

Welp; Im much more for a rap about equality than I am for a rap about rape. But that’s me *shrug* 

I hate when people generalize a whole genre to make a point. I don’t have nothing against macklemore but people only think there are only main stream rappers

I don’t get why some hispanic people (who’s ancestors are black) like denying that face. No one is telling you that you’re not hispanic or that you cant identify as hisapnic. I don’t know if there learning to deny this from home and there parents or if schools are not teaching this information. Its funny how people don’t have a problem with black people when it comes to listening to black artists, buying Jordan’s and everything that has to do with black culture but suddenly there’s a problem when someone tells you your ancestors are black like it’s a bad thing. I know many hispanic people who know there roots, (yes I know hispanic people roots don’t just include black ancestors but for the sake of this post I’m just going to focus on that) but I’m tired of some of some hispanic people being so anti-black. I’m not going to force anyone to claim any race but its not an opinion, its a fact. You can deny your roots all you want and look down on black people but you will and always be a person of color like we all. We should stick together instead of having petty beef over something stupid like race and ethnicity. Where do you think your features such as hair texture and skin color come from, the fucking stars?image

If you are NOT black, you don’t get to tell black people what can and cant defend them. If you are NOT black, then it doesn’t matter if you accept someone’s apology. There’s no excuse in the world for her to call someone a racial slur. On the otherhand you guys need to stop posting her personal information online.That’s absolutely wrong and disgusting. What she did was stupid but posting someone’s personal information is immature as well. If you don’t want people to call you a racial slur, then don’t defend someone doing that. People need to stop policing black people on how they should feel.


I just don’t like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce being tumblr’s go to for black feminism/womanism while ignoring the likes of India Arie, Janelle Monae, and Laura Mvula who in my opinion defy the patriarchal and western standards more directly and effectively.

Nicki and Beyonce still cater to the male gaze, are hyper-sexualized, and whitewashed. I get that there can be different aspects of feminism but I think one should consider “enlightened sexism” in regards to these women before labeling them feminists.

I agree. I think people mostly used Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj and sometimes Rihanna for the simple fact that they’re attacked the most for there sexuality and clothing etc